I'm Aleesha!

I'm primarily a watercolorist that paints representational works of animals, nature, and landscapes. I first began taking art classes in junior high and high school, including AP Art. During my undergraduate education I made sure to take art classes when I was able. Art has been a large part of my life, but it took a backseat when my first child was born eight years ago. I now have three kids, 8, 7, and 3 years old. I have a degree in public health, and my first passion is as a lactation consultant. I am now just returning to the world of art and finding renewed enjoyment and purpose in it. My art practice has become a meditation and keeps me grounded amidst the chaos of being a mother and a human being. My work is inspired by my children, family, profession, places I’ve been, and the way we relate with animals and nature. I primarily paint representational works from nature with watercolors, but I have recently started drawing portraits on a tablet using Procreate. I enjoy using bright colors and contrasting lights and darks. I use watercolors because of the transparency, depth in layers, and the magic that comes from letting go from time to time, which has been a valuable lesson of parenthood. I create art first for myself, although I hope that my art brings reflection, joy, and hope to others.